Smiling at your crown of luck (aka Life next door to a bakery)

Karina's poem - image accompanying Smiling at your crown of luck (not sure of author, she selected it on her FB)

Sock hops snowdrops late nights play fights
lighting friendly fires in the front yard
burn up your green card tear through your punch card
tomorrow you’ll want a new sweater
tonight we just kiss through bad weather
keeping our clever little chins warm
as we let our scarves unravel on the front gate.
Now find your gloves bring your plate tie your shoes don’t be late
tripping looking almost glowing with an eye to the ceiling
where every star’s about to fall and every moon’s a witch
wilder than the one before.
You solved the bloodstains on the floor
sweetheart, you’re so smart
at the deep thoughts part of the wine bottle
she said, well redhead, a life of rose-colored rations
still feels like a fortune when you dance in the kitchen
and every night’s stitched in flashbacks and flashbulbs
warm hands, red hats, this and that
secrets worth spilling and thoughts worth rethinking.
Now’s the time to be cold, the time to begin
come on in, bring all your good news upstairs
make a plan in the front room make a call in the bedroom
leave a note in the bathroom put a sign on the doorpost
then send your favorite ghost out into the night
to meet mine.

K. Grey

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