“Like you, / I turn to sunlight for answers”

I’m a PhD student. I study and write about medieval and early modern (Renaissance) literature. Malory, Shakespeare, Marlowe. But mostly I focus on the representation of Arthurian women — Guinevere, Nineve, Elaine, Lyonet.

I’m interested in gender and sexuality. I have no qualms in laying claim to an identity of “hardcore feminist.” This will come through in the material I choose to put up here.

Following the not-so-recent betrayal of a beloved partner, the poetry I’ve turned my mind to lately has been a lot about grief, loss, and futility.

Juxtapose this with falling in love again recently and it’s perhaps a strange combination.

And add to this major relationship change the fact that I’ve gone from being with a woman to being with a man and you have a lot of leftover lesbian poetry collected to share with a lover that now no longer “exists.” I expect I’ll be posting a lot of it here, over the coming months.

I’ve always been a word-hoarder; and I wanted to share.

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